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Farooq’s statement has dangerous designs: Prof Virender

State BJP Spokesperson, Prof. Virender Gupta criticized Dr. Farooq Abdullah for his statement asking Mehbooba Mufti to step down as Chief Minister of the state shows that the National Conference acted behind the scene to create disturbances in the valley and supported the separatist forces to keep valley in turmoil for the last about four months. He said that this is also obvious from the fact that none of the NC leaders put any effort to bring normalcy in the valley. He said that it is reality that the hop brass of the NC leadership was critical Mehbooda led PDP-BJP alliance government and issued statement blaming the present government for the situation that erupted after the killing Burhan Wani, but it never uttered a single word against the separatists, terrorists and the Pakistan for fomenting the trouble.

Prof. Virender Gupta asked Farooq Abdullah about the efforts he ha put to get stopped the burning of schools, convince the separatists leaders for allowing the opining of schools and other academic institutions across the valley so that the career of young generation does not get spoiled.

He said that asking Mehbooba Mufti step down as Chief Minister of the state amounts to further aggravating the situation in the valley and creating further chaos in the state. This reflects a dangerous and mischievous game plan of National Conference, which wants to grind its own political interests without caring about the consequences that the people of valley and country would face, it the present Chief Minister steps down.

Prof. Virender Gupta stated that there is no denying the fact that war is no solution as it costs heavy losses lives and property on both sides, but if the enemy is bent upon to violate the ceasefire and indulge in intensive firing on this side of borders, there is no alternative left to reply back the enemy forcefully. He asked  Farooq Abdullah to render his valuable advice to the separatists and Pakistan telling them to maintain peace and live like good neighbours.