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Gagan demands Municipal Council for R.S Pura & Committee for Miran Sahib

Dr.Gagan Bhagat M.L.A from R.S Pura while speaking on the demands for grants of the Power Development Department and Urban Development Department demanded Municipal Committee for Miran Sahib and upgrading status of the Municipal Committee of R.S Pura comprising 13 wards to Municipal Council comprising 17 wards , besides this he also demanded modernizing of the local Bus Stand at R.S Pura, which is in a very worst condition and there is no waiting place for the passengers to sit ,he also demanded Bus Stop along the R.S Pura-Satwari bus route , which is one of the busiest bus route, he particularly demanded establishing Bus Stop with the facilities of Toilet for females especially and Water for drinking as there are hundreds of passengers seen waiting at the Satwari chowk near the canal in the prickling heat ,the females are seen sitting on the road side, he specially mentioned Speaker Legislative Assembly Kavinder Gupta, that it is also the concern of the Gandhinagar Constituency too, as the place comes under the Speaker of the Assembly who also happens to the concerned Legislator of that Constituency. While appreciating the efforts of the officers of the Urban Development department he thanked Dy.C.M Dr. Nirmal Singh for providing Rs. 42 lakhs for improving the Drainage system of R.S Pura municipal wards,which was demanded by Dr. Gagan Bhagat in the recently held D.D.B meeting at Jammu, so that the years long problem of the local residents of water logging during the monsoons be solved. He further appreciated Dr. Nirmal Singh , M.P from Jammu-Poonch Jugal Kishore and officials of the department for selecting R.S Pura under the “Housing for All” which will benefit many people who are living in very shabby conditions particularly it is focussed at the Urban poor people, who demanding a house for the past several years , and they got nothing except assurances and fake promises made by the previous coalition governments in the state. Now the dream of own house of a common man will come true , he added.He also thanked for providing J.C.B and special L.E.D lights for R.S Pura besides renovating the Childrens park at R.S Pura.While speaking on the Power Department he demanded up gradation of Miran Sahib, Sunderpur, Salehar and Kullian receiving stations which is very important and Dr.Nirmal Singh assured that he will soon upgrade the Miran Sahib and Kullian Station very soon as committed at the Public Darbar organised by the District Administration at Maralia, R.S Pura, he said that the Amnesty Scheme should be extended to the Commercial segment too, and for the farmer community he said that it is very important that during the cultivation season the power supply to the Agricultural transformers is not continuous due to which the fields at the tail end is not properly irrigated and ultimately the farmer suffers, he demanded dedicated feeder for the Agricultural areas to the Irrigation tube wells transformers especially the Basmati belt in the R.S Pura, and many of the said tube wells are not serving the purpose due to the damaged transformers or the said station is not getting the proper power from the department from the last two months.He futher thanked the department for starting the RAPDRP works in the R.S Pura Town and which will directly benefit and will improve the power infrastructure in the R.S Pura town, which was in the worst condition for the past several years, while suggesting Dr,Gagan Bhagat said that the department should seriously think on the staff as many among them will soon retire and rest of them are either contractual, need basis and other since many years and the department runs on the technical persons like lineman,foreman,he also suggested that on the pattern of Model Villages there should be “LED Villages” so that the people should be encouraged to use LED bulbs in place incandescent bulbs which consumes almost ten times more power as compared to the LED bulbs, which will surely give the overloaded transformers a sigh of relief and will avoid frequent damaging of the transformers which increase in the summers.He also demanded compensation of Rs. 5 Lakhs for the victims of the accidents due to conductors breakage or some other accident related to the power for the cases 8 to 10 years old , and their families are in worst condition.