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Govern to integrate and not disintegrate please

Despising regional discrimination as come to fore in employment and development of regional languages echoing in Jammu, reflecting on governance otherwise designed as an equalizer rather than a divider, one cannot help saying ‘govern to integrate and not disintegrate’.

Observing that discrimination as a state policy negates unity crucial for fighting enemy within and outside, S.S.Bijral BJP state spokesperson lamented recent instances when Punjabi language among regional languages was dropped as compulsory subject in schools and colleges; transforming 49 posts of Asstt. Professors for Kashmiri language learning in colleges of Jammu division without allocating any for Dogri and Punjabi language – later introduced after public protests; and filling up of posts through State Public Service Commission, has stirred embers of regional dislike and animosity, the enemy of peaceful co-existence.

For firming up fragile security of state with volatile border situation, Bijral former IGP, for a reason, for dynamic CM Mehbooba quoted Confucius: “He who exercises government by means of his virtues may be compared to the north polar star which keeps its place and all stars turn towards it.” Understanding the compulsions of politics, he said with world turned into a global village, the state is a family with ‘INDIA’ its first religion and CM Mehbooba its head. It’s time ,he said, to severe allegiance to past followed communal politics for votes. Governance is about taking tough and unpopular decisions to serve best the family (state). Let those in governance end politics of hate and divide.

Holding governance is a gifted opportunity for the noble to serve humanity unbiased, Bijral cited Prime Minister Narinder Modi who prostrated at the foot steps of Lok Sabha upon becoming Prime Minister as Param Sevak and said,”I draw pleasure in governance, in doing new things and bringing people together. That pleasure I need from life.” He wondered if others would too act to unite and not divide people.