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GST will benefit the State: Harinder Gupta

Introduction of GST in the state will ensure that the losses being suffered by the state due to evasion and non-compliance of the tax regime will be minimised due to the entire process being computerised and online, said Harinder Gupta, State General Secretary of BJP and a leading industrialist. He further said that ours being a consumer state will benefit immensely from implementation of GST. The implementation will also benefit the common man since prices of all essential commodities will come down. With One Nation One Tex regime there will be near uniformity of prices in the entire country and the inter-state movement of goods will became cheaper and faster. It is a win-win situation for all asserted Harinder Gupta.

Gupta further stated that there is likely to be a net benefit of ten thousand crore annually to the state which will taken the state’s finances towards self sufficiency. He hoped that the GST will be implemented in the state w.e.f. 01 July alongwith the rest of the country. Harinder criticised those political parties which are trying to unnecessarily oppose the GST merely for their political vote bank. The introduction of GST is in no way linked with Article 370. In fact, if the government wanted t it could have adopted GST through a Cabinet decision as envisaged in Article 370. However, the government is keen to evolve a general consensus but the Valley centric politicians are having a myopic view of the entire issue and want to pressurise the government by threatening to adopt the agitational approach lamented Harinder Gupta. He also said that people of Jammu and Ladakh will not remain a mute spectator to the blackmail of the handful of vested power brokers who have been making personal fortunes under the garb of Article 370.