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In the closing ceremony of Banarsi Dass Memorial football tournament at G.G.M. Science College

In the closing ceremony of Banarsi dass memorial football tournament the final match was played .The chief guest on the ocassion was honourable speaker J&K legislative assembly and Gandhi Nagar MLA Sh . Kavinder Gupta & Guest of honour was Jammu East MLA & party chief whip Sh.Rajesh Gupta.
At G.G.M. Science college the final match was played between Young Rover v/s Vijay Club.The match was won by Young Rivers by 1/0. In the final match the honourable guests were accompanied by S.Nirmolak Singh, S.M.Gill,Rakesh Khanna,Kamalpreet Singh, Satpal Kalsi,Mohan Lal, Bharat Bushan, Vishwamittar, Kamaljeet,Surjeet Singh,Rakesh Kumar,Fiestous Sohtra,Kuldeep Singhn,R.K. Kohli and Surinder Singh Bunty.
Speaker Sh.Kavinder Gupta while speaking on the ocassion said that sports builds the personality of our children and young men and it is the duty of the government to inculcate the spirit of sports and sportsmanship in our younger generations.
Rajesh Gupta while speaking on the ocassion said that our state has a great pedigree in terms of producing great sportsmen as Pt.Prem Nath Dogra Ji was an avid football player. There is a need to maintain that.
The honourable guests were also accompanied by social activist Krishan Lal and also accompanied by science college principal Ajeet Angral
Prof.Shyam,P.C Gupta, Rajinder gupta , Sunny Sehgal, Romesh Sharma ,Vinod Gupta ,Vageesh Bharti ,Rajesh Nischal ,Amit Gupta,Kuldeep Kandhari, Vinay Gupta,Chamanlal,Rajkumar.Hariom Sharma and Darshan Singh .
The match refrees in this match were Suresh Gupta, Koushal sharma Sharma, Dheeraj Meenia and Neetika