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No room for religious violence and hatred: BJP

State Bharatiya Janata Party has impressed that while India allows and permit all peace loving people to live in India and propagate their religious beliefs and follow them but this can’t be extended to give any room for religious violence and hatred. For enjoying right of peaceful existence guaranteed by Constitution and concept of Indianism, one has to accept and follow right of others for peaceful existence.

Making a statement in this behalf, State Chief Spokesperson of BJP, Sunil Sethi, said that people of all religions in India should understand and acknowledge that they have to look within and not outside to find solutions to their aspirations and problems. Those persons who look towards outsiders for help will bring only destruction not only to others but to themselves too. India, as a strong country, will never permit or tolerate any interference from any outside force into any issue within India.

Unfortunately some people are looking towards Pakistan or Militant Islamic states for their misconceived notion of getting prominence and dividing the nation on lines of religious intolerance and in the process trying to follow and emulate the path of violence, which is burning whole Middle East and beyond.  Their efforts have only brought miseries and violence to the Land of Peace. Sunil Sethi further said that those who are playing with fire and killing others, will soon get heat of same fire, which will engulf them and their families too.

Sethi said it is resolve of Indian State to ensure peace for all its citizens and in the process if any person or group  of persons is fermenting trouble for society then such persons or groups have no place in civilised society.  They will be isolated and dealt with severely.  Those who show no mercy to others should expect no mercy to themselves too.

Sunil Sethi said that the resolve and efforts of Central Govt and State Govt to bring peace in Jammu and Kashmir is appreciable and the approach and way to deal with trouble makers and anti nationals have brought into focus the resurgent approach of the country of ‘Zero Tolerance’ to separatism and anti nationalism.  The separatist elements and leaders expecting India to talk to them under tactics of blackmailing and pressure are living in fool’s paradise. There can be NO TALKS till they support separatism and militancy and till the time they have any relationship with any country which is hostile towards India. The sooner they understand, better it will be for them.

He said that present forced unrest by Pakistan supported separatists has created difficulties and problems in the lives of common men in the Valley and while people are eager to resume normal life but they are being stopped with force by separatists and militants. Sunil Sethi called upon common peace loving Kashmiris to negate the dictate of Separatists and asked the state to provide full security to the people, who are resuming normal life.