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Indian army is considered as one of the most disciplined force in the world: Prof Virender Gupta

State BJP spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta while reacting to Shopian incident said that nothing should be done that demoralizes the forces who are fighting the Pakistan sponsored terrorism in the valley against many odds to restore peace and normalcy in Jammu and Kashmir state and save the integrity of the nation. He said that the Indian army is considered as one of the most disciplined force in the world which played its unique role throughout the world on the UNO call.

The Spokesperson added that the circumstances that were created by the stone pelters in Shopian while subjecting army convoy to heavy pelting, hurting JCO and others and damaging its vehicles, left no other option for the army personnel to resort to firing in self defence. He said that it is unfortunate and disgusting that FIR has been lodged against a major and other personnel of 10 Garhwal unit on the charge of murder and attempt to murder by the state government in the Shopian incident whereas no FIR was lodged or enquiry ordered against the stone pelters.

Prof. Virender asked what business the so-proclaimed innocent mob had to attack the army convoy with stones and damage its vehicles. He said that the forces are facing great resistance from the people whenever they cordon an area in search of terrorists. The people of the area come out in a mob and attack the forces with stone and make their work extremely difficult and the fact of the matter is that none of the Kashmiri leaders appeal to the people for not cause hindrance in the operations being executed by the forces to save the valley from destruction. However, when forces retaliate then the political leaders make hue and cry and come in the defence of mob. The Spokesperson said that if the political class of the valley is so much against the forces then the morality demands that they should shed away the security that is being availed by them.