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Insistent firing by Pakistan on civilian localities with Heavy Mortars : Sunil Sethi

Insistent firing by Pakistan on civilian localities with Heavy Mortars resulting into deaths of civilians including children and women has exposed the real face of Pakistan to the whole world. It has proved once again that it has no regard for human lives and non combatants while resorting to unprovoked firing. This was said by Chief Spokesperson of BJP Sunil Sethi in press release .

Pakistan is showing its frustration on the surgical strikes carried by India in exercise of its internationally recognized right of taking punitive action in territories sending terrorists to India. While whole world has approved the action of India , there is wide scale condemnation to the demonic conduct of Pakistan . India is retaliating to Pakistan with more fire power and resolve which is sending shivers down spine of Pakistan.

Pakistan gets encouragement from some political persons from this side of border who are raising the voice of dialogue with Pakistan. Such like voices are only working against national interest and all such persons asking for dialogue of Peace with Pakistan at the face of heavy Mortars firing by Pakistan are anti people and are trying to do politics on death and destruction.  While the border people have shown firmness and commitment and are asking for teaching Pakistan lessons it will never forget. Time has come to settle scores with Pakistan of all terrorist incursion from its controlled territory and to break it to pieces for larger interest of world peace.

Sunil Sethi further said that Pakistan is further frustrated because of internal discord with its territory when opposition parties are exposing the corruption of govt and in order to divert attention of people it is resorting to heavy firing resulting into war like situation on Border. This is time for whole country to stand together against Pakistan and show our patriotism rather than creating discord . He called upon people to generously contribute to relief to Border residents in these difficult times.