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Issue confronting businessmen will be taken up with Govt: Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) Vice President Yudhvir Sethi

Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) Vice President Yudhvir Sethi joined shopkeepers and owners of other businesses including small time vendors in Old city are in protesting against what they called dictatorial attitude of Traffic authorities. The protestors alleged that their articles were destroyed and damaged by the traffic authorities during routine checking.

The businessmen and traders of Old City informed Yudhvir Sethi that the traffic officials not only damaged their articles but also abused and assaulted them. They said that this dictatorial attitude of traffic authoriries was hampering their livelihood. They demanded that traffic authoriries must manage their own affairs and leave the work of JMC to its officials.

After listening to the grievances of protesting traders and businessmen, Yudhvir Sethi said that government will not tolerate such attitude of officials towards its own people and said that the matter will be taken up with higher authoriries. He asked JMC to first identify special sites for PhariWallas (vendors) and then deal with them accordingly only if they are occupying roads or carriageways.

He asked traffic authorities to not to harass vendors and businessmen in Old Jammu City and if they have any issue, the matter can be taken up with elected representatives of Businessmen of all important bazars. However, harassing the traders without any provocation or abusing them will not be tolerated. Yudhvir Sethi assured the protesting traders that their issues will be taken up with higher authoriries that ensured that no one harases them.

Earlier the traders raised slogans against the traffic authorities and warned them to not to interfere in other departments. They said that those working in Old City for the last over fifty years have never been treated in such a shabby manner and said that they are in no way hampering any traffic or encriacing upon any carriageway.