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Jammu based NC leaders threaten to wage “Jihad”, Jago Jammu Jago

The threat to launch “Jihad” against BJP clearly shows the radicalized communal mind set of the concerned leaders as well as utter disregard of the people of Jammu who had given an unprecedented and historic mandate to BJP which no party ever got so far. Frustrated with their failure to arouse public support the NC leaders are now resorting to threats of terrorizing the karyakartas of Bharatiya Janata Party. “What else can be expected from a party which is responsible for ethnic cleansing of Valley, exodus of Kashmiri Pandits and promotion of radical Wahhabi Islam and introduction of terrorism,” lamented Brig Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of BJP?

Very recently the President of NC had described terrorist Burhan Wani as a martyr, referred to ‘stone-pelters’ as “freedom fighters” and urged Hurriyat to continue its secessionist movement. He appealed to the Hurriyat leadership to unite and assured them, “We are not your enemy. We are with you.” Is the NC now planning to carry forward the Hurriyat’s agenda to peaceful Jammu region by threatening to wage “Jihad” against the elected representatives of the people? Are they threatening the people of Jammu to toe the line of NC or else be prepared for the similar situation as in Valley? It is a matter of shame that power hungry leaders of NC have stooped to such a low level of politics, stated Brig Gupta.

The irony is that same leaders are also trying to project themselves as “voice of Jammu”. How can they claim to be voice of Jammu when the ideology of their party is based on “ethnic exclusion and promoting Kashmiri speaking Muslim precedence,” questioned Brig Gupta. “The party which has encouraged separatism, carries a ‘tunnel vision’ limited to Valley, is the architect of regional discrimination and divisive politics, humiliated Dogra rulers, obliterated all signs of Dogra heritage, distorted history and supressed Dogras will never be acceptable to the people of Jammu let alone being their voice”, asserted Brig Gupta. The leader who claims to be “voice of Jammu” was very recently reprimanded by his valley based political mastersin such stern words,”When Sher-e-Kashmir was against the Dogra rule how can our ranks be in favour of the Maharaja, the logic is simple. We won’t mind parting ways with any leader from our party who wants to be a Dogra fan.” The local Jammu leader who is a master of opportunistic politics was trying to win the favour of Jammuites by invoking Dogra heritage and Duggar Pradesh. With what face can he now claim to be “voice of Jammu”, asked Brig Gupta? Is he willing to part ways with NC?

The people of Jammu are intelligent enough to understand as to who their well-wisher is and who is trying to exploit their sentiments for narrow political gainsbecause they are fully aware of the ideology of the party to which these leaders belong. Their party has gone to the extent of creating imaginary religion based sub-regions disregarding natural geography with the sole purpose of isolating the Hindu majority districts of the Jammu region, accused the spokesperson. Brig Gupta demanded that the NC leaders must explain to the people of Jammu as to where their loyalties lie, do they support the Hurriyat like their President and are they also in favour of ‘azadi’ in the garb of Greater Autonomy rather than misleading them through political clichés.

Brig Gupta also condemned their demand for a commission of enquiry based on perceived irregularities. He reminded them that their party is facing so many acknowledged scams and must worry about resolving them. Brig Gupta demanded that scams like Jammu Kashmir Cricket Association, Land Scam and NRHM Scam need to be handed over to CBI so that their leaders involved in these scams are exposed and dealt with according to law.