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JK BJP hails statement of PM Modi

BJP J&K State hailed statement of Prime Minister Modi, in which the PM referring to the history said that the seeds of dissatisfaction and socio-political uncertainty in the state of Jammu & Kashmir were sown by the former Prime Minister of India, Jawahar Lal Nehru due to the mishandling of ground situation.

Had strong leader like Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel be the Prime Minister of India at the time of Independence or at least Independent Incharge for the affairs of Jammu & Kashmir like other states of India, the situation would be different in the trouble torn valley in present time but Congress due to certain vested interests thought otherwise, the state secretary of J&K BJP, Sanjay Baru said.

Sanjay Baru referred to the incident of taking the matter of aggression by Pakistan Army in the boundary of J&K into the UN as historic blunder, which has proven dearly for the people of J&K and the whole Nation and particularly at the time when Indian forces were having advantage in the battle field and India could easily manage to free all the area under occupation by Pakistani forces.

Sanjay Baru also quoted the PM’s statement targeting Congress party for serving the interests of a particular family in which Congress party only glorified Nehru-Gandhi family while deliberately ignoring the sacrifices made by the other great leaders of Nation and their contributions in the Nation making while watering the friendship of a single family in the state.

Baru said that ill efforts of Centre leadership of Congress were also supplemented by the ill efforts of State leaders of Congress party, who equally looted the resources of the state at their will. He said that only BJP has taken various concrete steps for benefits and ease of operation by Forces and also facilitated Bunker formation and other concessions for the border residents which includes compensations for the loss of life, property and livestock, he said.

He said that the J&K state has suffered on every front right from the education to the other developmental sectors and now the BJP as the alliance partner in the government is taking all steps for the uplifting the status of the state. Baru pointed out that Congress has jeopardized the State’s advancement on the crucial sectors due to vested interests.