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JKPCC President should refresh his memory: Prof. Virender

BJP State Spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta while commenting on the statement of JKPCC President & Candidate for parliamentary constituency of Anantnag that peace in sub continent lies in the resolution of Kashmir issue and that Centre government has no roadmap to deal with the Kashmir situation and to resolve the Kashmir issue, said the President of state unit of Congress should refresh his memory as the Congress party remained at helm of the affairs both at the Centre and the state for most of the time and for the ten years before 2014 it was ruling at the Centre and for the 12 years before 2015 it was partner in the state government. He asked him to throw the light on the policy of the Congress party and the efforts that it put to resolve the Kashmir issue and diffuse the situation in the valley. The fact of the matter is that Jammu and Kashmir problem is the creation of its leaders, in particular of Pt. Nehru and Indira Gandhi the subsequent other leaders further contributed in complicating the Kashmir issue.
Prof. Virender also condemned the recent varied statements of Farooq Abdullah wherein he offers to join the separatists to fight for the Azadi of Kashmir, supports the stone pelters, plays communal card, instigates the Kashmiri youth, raises the bogey of Kashmir identity, culture that, as per his statement is being threatened by the BJP government at the centre. He reminded Farooq Abdullah that at one time his party was in alliance with BJP government at the Centre and his son, Omar was member of the Cabinet. He said that at that time he cherished the desire to become the Vice-President of India, which displays his lust for chair.
While castigating Farooq Abdullah, Prof. Virender Gupta reminded the people that it was same Farooq who, time and again, deserted the people of Kashmir whenever they were in crisis. Hence, Farooq has no moral authority to claim to be the representative of the people of valley, who have suffered loss of previous lives and properties during all these years of across the borders sponsored terrorism against whom the vocal leaders like Farooq Abdullah never uttered a single word of condemnation.