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Kavinder rescues casual labour from sealed shop at Govindpura

Speaker J&K Legislative Assembly and MLA, Gandhi Nagar, Kavinder Gupta on Wednesday came to the rescue of a poor chap at Govindpura area of his constituency. Local shopkeepers of the Chatha went on strike due to the imprudent attitude of the administration, the shopkeepers reported that the Tehsildar South in violation of the powers vested in him behaved like a dictator.
The Tehsildar behaved in such a manner that there is no one above him in the department, he called the JCB and directed to remove all the shops of main road without any prior notice which are there for the last more than 40 years describing that the actual width of the road is 100 feet .
The matter was brought to the notice of the Speaker and he immediately visited the area along with the SDM, South and took cognizance of the issue, Gupta was informed that Tehsildar along with the concerned Patwari and Naib-Tehsildar came there and started threatening the shop keepers that all their shops are illegally constructed and he is going to dismantle them.
After getting stiff resistance from the locals, the Tehsildar started sealing the shops in a haphazard manner and during this whole episode one casual worker got locked in the sweet shop which was sealed by the Tehsildar.
The Speaker in the presence of SDM got the labour person rescued from the shop and directed him to initiate enquiry as how this all thing happened; without any prior notice to the shopkeepers under whose influence the revenue officers acted in such slapdash way.
Gupta assured the people that there is nothing to worry about and the whole thing will be investigated in a fair manner and strict action will be taken against the guilty.
Later on the assurance of the speaker the shopkeepers lifted their protest dharna and also expressed their gratitude to him for his timely intervention.