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Keshav Chopra Organised Samrasta Programme At Booth Level

BJP Talab Tillo Mandal Vice President and Booth President 76 of Jammu west today organised a function on the occasion of Dr B.R Ambedkar’s 126th Birth Anniversary at 76 number Booth in which Ayodhya Gupta District President BJP west, Jeet Angral Mandal President and Senior Leader BJP Parneesh Mahajan was also present.

Speaking on the ocassion Ayodhya Gupta said that braving adverse condition, Ambedkar had turned a colossus and his focus was trained on the betterment of the weaker section and on ending exploitation of the weaker by the strong.

Speaking on the ocassion Jeet Angral Said that Ambedkar held the view that the rural economy should be strong and the social environment should be healthy. Social equality, harmony and the feeling of brotherhood were important to Ambedkar he added

Speaking on the ocassion Keshav Chopra said that the first thing that came to the mind while remembering Ambedkar was his monumental role in framing the Constitution of India. According to them, it was not just a legal document but also a social one wherein is enshrined the duties of the people to build a robust, modern India based on the bedrock of equality of all.

Puneet Mahajan, Ravikant Sharma, Narender Khanna, Purshotam Gupta, Lovekesh Gondi Dr RK Gupta, Sourav Gupta Dinesh Gupta Manoj Tandan and several others were also present