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Listen people voice, act unless it is too late: Prof. Virender

BJP State Spokesperson, Prof. Virender Gupta in a statement called upon the state government to honour the commitment given by Late Mufti Mohd. Sayeed and later on by the present Chief Minister, Mahbooba Mufti that equitable development of all the regions of the state shall be insured and the differences and the alienation existing between the people of Jammu region and those of Kashmir valley would be eliminated. “However, the facts of matter is that the people of Jammu region are still feeling neglected and discriminated against in the present regime”, he said. The main issues, he raised that are agitating the people are :-
a) There is no effort being made in the matter of delimitation of Legislative constituencies.

b) The renovation work of Mubarak Mandi complex as Dogra Heritage is going with very slow pace and the rope way project linking Mubark Mandi with Mohmaya/Bahu Fort is in still in limbo.

c) In the tourism sector, Jammu got merely 20-25 per cent funds allocation. Out of 13 tourist spots newly identified for development, only four belongs to Jammu region whereas a are in Kashmir province.

d) Jammu district, which has 11 constituencies have been allotted 200 crore rupees whereas some of the district having one or two assembly constituencies have been provided almost the same amount for the development. This act is highly unjustified with no reasonable explanation.

e) The tawi lake project which was scheduled to be completed in March 2016 has been further extended for further two years.

f) No serious effort is being made about the diversion of four nallahs carrying the city garbage in the tawi river.

g) Even in the matter of indoor stadium out of 12 indoor stadiums envisaged, only 3 are allocated to Jammu region and 9 to the Kashmir province (with 2 in Ladakh). This is creating great heart burning among the people of Jammu region.

h) Discrimination is also being faced by the people of Jammu region in the matter of development of roads, infrastructure, irrigation, agriculture and horticulture sectors. Number of sanctioned projects, in particular pertaining to development tourism in Jammu region is moving with very slow pace.

Prof. Virender cautioned the government and the people representatives that there is great resentment brewing among the people of Jammu province and therefore, immediate steps need to be taken for the redressal of the grievances of the people.