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Maharashtra elections severe blow to Cong, others :Sethi

BJP State Chief Spokesperson Sunil Sethi, while terming the results of recently held elections to the Maharashtra Municipal Council as a severe blow to the opposition parties, said that the people have displayed their full faith in Prime Minister Narendra Modi and also endorsed his historic decision on demonetization.

Sunil Sethi said that in these elections, held after the Modi government’s decision on declaring the existing currency notes of rupees 500 and 1000 as invalid, which was being opposed by the opposition parties, the BJP has also made inroads into the strongholds of Congress and other parties. The hue and cry made by the Congress in particular has pushed it towards the wall by the people, which is a clear message that whatever Prime Minister Narendra Modi is doing to root out corruption, black money and fake currency, is acceptable to them and each one of them stand with the PM.

The BJP State Chief Spokesperson said that the result of these polls is also a wakeup call for the parties which have unleashed a false and misleading propaganda against the BJP government at the centre and who are making repeated efforts to trap the people on the issue of demonetization but none of their tactic has succeeded.

“Registering such a splendid victory in Maharashtra Municipal Councils elections soon after the decision on demonetization, is also a kind of public survey which has given its nod to the pro-poor and pro-development policies and programmes of the Narendra Modi led NDA government”, Sunil Sethi said and added that gone are the days when the people could easily be fooled by the parties like Congress in elections and today they are well informed to differentiate as to which leader and  party is genuinely concerned for the cause of the nation and its people.

Sunil Sethi advised the opposition parties to read the writing on the wall, change their mindsets, adopt a nation-centric approach and join the people of the country in strengthening the hands of PM Narendra Modi in his crusade of making India a corruption free, well developed and most prosper nation in the world.