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Modi govt concerned for empowerment of J&K women: Smt. Rekha

Smt. Rekha Mahajan, Secretary, BJP, Jammu and Kashmir, while commenting on the recent announcement of J &K UT clearing 10,000 jobs with just and fair representation to widows, destitutes, divorced women and single mothers in recruitment to Class III and IV vacancies, said that socio economic empowerment of women has been taken care to such an extent for the first time in Jammu and Kashmir.

Smt.  Rekha Mahajan appreciated the decision by terming it as a humanitarian approach aimed at providing opportunities to women to prove their abilities and capabilities and turn them into own economic and social strength to become self dependent and also support families.

Smt. Rekha said that financial independence influences the quality of woman’s life, which liberates her of dependency and allows self earned money to be spent as she likes .This is very important for her self confidence and self esteem. Working women are always appreciated and respected by their families and society. She becomes more confident and updated about outside world and it is proven fact that whenever a woman got a chance or an opportunity, she has always done her best.

Smt.  Rekha said that since the UT administration directly comes under the Union government and the approach of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi led dispensation at the centre has always stressed on social and economic upliftment of the womenfolk in the country. Hence, the particular care of women in the said government jobs for UT, as announced recently, clears that women are going to be provided better opportunities to march ahead towards a better future. It is a matter of even more pride that the Modi government is leading the way, not only in making women-centric policies a focal point of governance but also in ensuring better representation in jobs and  positions of power.

 “ There are so many policies and programmes to boost women empowerment, such as Ujjwala Yojna, that gives women smoke free lives, toilets have been built under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to make sanitation safer and more accessible directly impacting the health and dignity of women. Mudra and Jan Dhan schemes have brought financial inclusion and entrepreneurial opportunities to crores of women. New India is the concept where she stands an equal chance to lead the nation, as much as anyone else”,Smt. Rekha said and added that these schemes have also benefitted the women of Jammu and Kashmir.