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Modi Govt has brought down inflation to 4.91%: Brig Gupta

In a press conference held at the party headquarters at Trikuta Nagar, BJP State Spokesperson Brig. Anil Gupta lambasted Congress and other opposition parties for misguiding the public by making false allegations against the Modi Government. “Rather than appreciating the good work done by the government in short span of two years, the opposition parties are criticizing the government. While we appreciate healthy criticism, we cannot tolerate the falsehood being spread against the Modi Govt”, said Brig. Gupta.
Brig Gupta made point by point rebuttal of the various allegations leveled by a central leader of the so called national party in a press conference held at Jammu couple of days back. “They blame that the economy is not doing well under the present govt. but I leave it to the judgment of the people because the statistics speak differently. When UPA Govt was voted out in June 2014, nation’s GDP was at 4% and today it stands at 7.6 %. Inflation during UPA Regime was 11-12 % while today under the Modi Govt. it is just 4.91 %. FDI in the last two years has increased by 42%. Foreign exchange reserve stands at US $ 362 billion as on May 2016. PSUs like BSNL, Air India and Shipping Corporation of India which were constantly showing huge losses are now running in profit,” said Brig Gupta.
Ridiculing the opposition’s claim that Modi Govt is working for big Corporate Houses and not for poor people, youth and farmers, Brig Gupta gave detailed figures of the beneficiaries under the various pro-poor, pro-youth,pro-women,pro-farmer and pro-labourer welfare policies launched by the Govt. since it came to power in May 2014. He also gave the details of how the scams in the previous Govt have been converted into the success stories by the present Govt. Referring to 2G Scam, Gupta said that through transparent auction the government has earned Rs 1,09,874 crore. Similarly, the estimated profit from auction of 73 coal mines is Rs 3.44 lakh crore.
Brig Gupta also set the record straight with reference to criticism of Make in India and Digital India. Giving details, he said that mobile phone manufacturing has almost doubled in one year from six crore in 2014-15 to 12 crore in 2015-16. Investment in Electronic Manufacturing that stood at 11 thousand crore in June 14 has now risen to 1.20 lakh crore upto April 2016 . FDI in telecom sector has risen from $1.6 billion in March 2014 to $4.09 billion in February 2016. “Let the people of India judge as to who is telling lies,” challenged Brig Gupta.
BJP State Spokespersons Prof. Virender Gupta and Balbir Ram Rattan were also present in the press conference.