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NC, Hurriyat trying to appease Pakistan: BJP

It appears that NC is trying to edge out Hurriyat as Pakistan’s mouthpiece as is evident from the pro-Pakistan statements being made by its leaders almost on daily basis. What is most surprising that the Jammu based leaders of NC are also not only singing in unison with their aakaas but also openly defending them on the national media?  Reacting sharply to the recent statement of Omar Abdullah, “Don’t be under the false impression that the unrest you are seeing in Kashmir has been ignited by Pakistan. We found that some people at the Centre willingly or unwillingly wanted to keep themselves ignorant about the situation in Kashmir. It was easy for them to blame Pakistan,” Brig Anil Gupta, BJP State Spokesperson, stated that the timing of the statement is interesting and has obviously been made to help Pakistan.

Explaining further, Brig Gupta said that after the recent Pak-sponsored terror attack at Nagrota, it has been confirmed beyond doubt that despite international condemnation, Pakistan continues to use terrorism as an instrument of state policy. Anticipating that Pakistan will face severe flak at the Heart of Asia Conference which began on the same day Omar Abdullah made the statement because Afghanistan was planning to name Pakistan as sponsor of terror in India and Afghanistan in the Amritsar Declaration scheduled to be released on 4th December, Omar Abdullah has made this statement to bail out beleaguered Sartaj Aziz, heading the Pak delegation.

Brig Anil Gupta lamented that a few Indian politicians have been manipulated by the Pak intelligence agencies and Track 2 diplomats to the extent that they not only challenge J&K’s accession to India but also ridicule the 1994 resolution passed by the Parliament of India. Only the other day, Omar Abdullah immediately after the Nagrota terror attack, absolved Pakistan by blaming the government. Pakistan’s involvement in Kashmir is recognized internationally; even the current unrest was not only financed, sponsored but also guided by Pakistan. It was Pakistan’s Prime Minister who hailed dreaded terrorist Burhan Wani as “young Kashmiri leader” thus eulogizing a terrorist and hoping that Kashmir will soon be part of Pakistan. Pakistan not only added fuel to the fire but also provided liberal hawala funding to prolong the unrest. The recent release of tapes of conversation between Burhan Wani and Hafiz Saeed, international terrorist and head of Pak based Jamat ul Dawa, clearly demonstrates the involvement of Hafiz Saeed and LeT in the ongoing unrest. BJP is of the view that NC is also involved with Hurriyat and other Pak-sponsored elements in fuelling the current unrest in Kashmir and is looking towards Pakistan for assistance in reviving its political fortune as it is becoming irrelevant day by day.