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NC memorandum and wrongs of history: Prof. Virender

Commenting on the National Conference on its memorandum submitted to All India Parliamentary Delegation, Prof. Virender Gupta expressed his agreement to the National Conference that New Delhi should undo the wrongs of history. He said that the wrong doings of the history are: not getting vacated whole of Jammu & Kashmir areas from Pakistan occupation in 1947; taking the matter to UNO for its resolution, corporating Article 370 in Indian Constitution and not allowing Sardar Patel to deal with Kashmir problem; creating circumstance for Maharaja Hari Singh to leave Jammu & Kashmir state as disgusted person and installing Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah as Prime Minister of the state without the consent of the people of Jammu and Ladakh regions; introducing Article 35A debarring Indian citizens from holding any property in the state by presidential order; not settling Kashmir issue in 1971 when Pakistan was at receiving end when about 90000 Pakistani soldiers were in India’s custody as prisoners of war, installing Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah as Chief Minister again in 1975 under Sheikh-Indira Gandhi Accord with the support of Congress party, which was having 2/3rd majority in the state assembly.

Prof. Virender said that it was a greatest blunder when Abdullah family was again made at the helm of the J&K State affairs and added that this is the root cause of the turmoil in the valley and unsurge of anti-India sentiments. He said that whenever the Sheikh family was in trouble, it was Congress party that gave oxygen to it and reinstalled it in power. Prof. Virender asked Omar that is it not a fact that whether it was 1951, 1975 or 1985, 1996 or 2008, Delhi helped the Abdullah family to regain power in the State?

Prof. Virender said all the mistakes of the past need to be rectified by abrogating Article 370, bringing the people of Jammu and Kashmir in the National mainstream, providing justice to people of Jammu region and Ladakh region and to the deprived communities in the Valley and the State like— Shias, Gujjars and minority communities taking measures to re-establish Kashmir Pandits in the Valley by providing them all possible security by creating a security zone for them and added that no concessions be given to those who pursue anti-India policy on the behest of Pakistan and such elements should be dealt with iron hand.