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NC mother of all troubles in J&K: Prof. Virender

BJP State Spokesperson, Prof. Virender Gupta, while responding to the statement of Farooq Abdullah charged the National Conference as being anti-peace and mother of all the troubles in J&K state, particularly in the valley. Prof. Virender said that Pt. Nehru on the persistent assertion of his close friend, Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah, got incorporated Article 370 in Indian constitution and later on entered into an agreement, called 1952 Agreement with him ensuring autonomy to the state except for in the matters related to Defence, Foreign Affairs and Communication and added that Sheikh betrayed his close friend and conspired with the western powers, including USA and Britain to have Jammu & Kashmir as an independent country with full sovereignty. He said that prior to that Jan Sangh President and a towering national leader, Dr. Shyama Prasad Mookherjee died in mysterious circumstances in a jail at Srinagar. He further added that Sheikh rigged 1952 state elections and rejected all the nominations of Praja Parishad candidates ensuring that none reached the state assembly. Prof. Virender narrated that under these circumstance Pt. Nehru was forced to put Sheikh behind the bar.
He said after Sheikh’s arrest the situation in Jammu & Kashmir almost remained peaceful during the tenure of Bakshi Ghulam Mohd., G.M. Sadiq and Mir Quasim. He added that in 1975 when Sheikh was again installed as Chief Minister of the state he agreed to the report submitted by DD Thakur Committee that none of the provisions of the Indian Constitution those extended to Jammu and Kashmir State needed reconsideration as all were for the benefit of the people of Jammu & Kashmir state. He said that it was disgusting that when Farooq Abdullah became the Chief Minister of the state he raised the bogy of greater autonomy and pre-1952 position and allowed Pakistan to play its game to destabilize the situation in J&K. He further added that it was during his regime that youth started going to Pakistan to get training of militancy, they when came back indulged in subversive activities in State. During his period strength of madras increased many folds where conspiracy against Indian state was being hatched to spread fundamentalism among Kashmiri youth. This resulted in 1990 situation.
Even during Omar Abdullah regime as per the report the number of mosques increased from 150 to 700 and schools from 30 to 150, under the control of Wahbi/Salafi and these preached fundamentalism and prepared the youth for Jehad. The present situation in the valley, infact is creation of Abdullah regime which always propagated separatism and encouraged anti-India feelings among the masses. The flying of Pakistan and ISIS flags were ignored and termed it as childish act. The Kashmir political class remained engaged in vomiting position against India government and India army.
Prof. Virender further said that Farooq Abdullah needs to realize that the clock cannot be turned back. The position of Indian constitution introduced with the approval of to state government in the state cannot be withdrawn. Even during NC rule after 1975 about 20 amendments were made in the state constitution. The root cause of Kashmir problem is the Kashmiri leaders who always misguided the people. Jammu and Kashmir is not only Kashmir valley. Kashmiri are not only stake holders, people of Jammu and Ladakh, the Kashmiri Pandits, the POJK refugees are equal stake holders. Even in the valley the silent population of valley who want to remain with India, particularly the Shia and Gujjar communities are equally stake holders. If any political solution is to be worked out people of all the regions of the state and all ethnic groups and minority communities are to be taken into confidence. No solution agreed with Kashmiri leaders can be thrusted upon other sections of the state, who were ignored in the past.