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NC’s obsession with terrorist calling him ‘martyr’ exposed: Balbir

The political alignment of the National Conference towards forces working to spread terror and provoke anti-national elements for widespread killings of innocents in the state have proved to the extent that party is responsible for being the harbinger of terrorism, separatism and alienation in the state to satiate its political needs only.

This was stated by BJP State Spokesperson Balbir Ram Rattan, who strongly condemned the statement of NC MLC, who on the floor of the House, eulogized Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist Burhan Wani as martyr (Shaheed).

“The hidden face of National Conference has been exposed, which equates terrorist with a martyr. It is not just by mistake but a part of its politics based on appeasement of the separatists and the terrorists,” said BJP State Spokesperson.

Balbir Ram Rattan, while condemning such attempts to create hero out of a terrorist, said that such kind of politics is highly dangerous for the state and the nation, which cannot be tolerated. He said that a terrorist is a person who carries weapons, advocates terrorism, frightens others, wages war against the nation and kills innocent people. On the other hand, a martyr is a person who takes pledge to defend the motherland, sacrifice his life for the safety and security of the people and even achieve martyrdom.

The whole world knows that Burhan Wani was a wanted terrorist, who carried an award of Rs. 10 lakh and was killed while he was engaged in firing with the security forces. How can such a dreaded person be called a martyr (Shaheed), the people want to know from the National Conference and its leaders.

Balbir questioned the Jammu based leaders of NC to clear their stand if they too treat Burhan Wani as a martyr, and if so, does they not recognize supreme sacrifices of the personnel of Indian army and security forces, who have been laying down their lives for the cause of the nation. He said the BJP is very clear that no terrorist can be equated with or treated as a martyr and a line should be drawn to differentiate between a nationalist and an anti-nationalist, between a killer and a defender and between law abiding and a law breaking person in the state.