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Non Camp DPs call on BJP State President

A deputation of Non Camp DPs of 1965, 1971 of Chamb area met BJP State President & MLA Sat Sharma (C.A) under the leadership of Non Camp DPs President Khajoor Singh. They highlighted their grievances being faced at the hands of revenue department while preparation of their files with regard to their claims of settlement. In the meeting issues were brought to the notice of BJP State President in which they stated that vide notification issued by Mohd. Akbar Ganaie, IAS, Special Secretary to Government Department of Disaster Management, Relief & Rehabilitation and reconstruction issued vide No. R&B/Rehb/CSC/19/2015 dated 09-01-2017 has categorically stated that with regard to Non-Camp DPs who did not stay in the camps and thus were provided neither Ration Cards nor land, the proof of having being provided to the NHRC Relief of 25,000 per family be sufficient to established their genuineness (Mandatory). On the other hands the revenue authorities are demanding state subject of the claimant mandatory.

Most of the head of the DPs families particularly widows have not having their state subject and can only provide the state subject of kith and kin of their families but the revenue authorities are adamant to accept the same for the reason one or the other. Moreover, during the process of registration of Non Camp DPs in the year 2000, only the registration of Non Camp DPs were conducted vide DC Jammu’s No. SQ Non-Camp/2289 dated 01-11-2000 were as about one thousand approximately non-camp DPs left over without registration due to the lack of publicity of the revenue authority. During further discussion the deputationist stressed that these left over Non Camp DPs may also be included.

Sat Sharma gave patience hearing and assured that the matter will be strongly brought into the notice of government as well as revenue authority to address their demands and further assured that no inconvenience will be faced by DPs in processing their documents before the authority. In the deputation Kamal Singh Zonal President Akhnoor, Jagdeev Singh General Secretary, Balwan Singh of Chack Malal Member, Kartar Singh Member, Sat Pal Khajuria Vice-President Talab Tillo Mandal, Balwan Singh Chib W.No. 33 President, Khushal Chand, Pawan Singh and Chain Singh were also present during the discussion.