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Non deportation of illegal migrants dangerous for security: Prof. Virender

BJP State Spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta expressed his serious concern on the report that in spite of repeated reminders from the Ministry of Home Affairs on its directions about the formulation of strategy to deal with the issue of illegal settlement of Bangladeshis and Rohingyas in Jammu and Samba districts, the Group of Minister (GoM) constituted by the state government failed to formulated any policy to deal and deport the illegal settled these foreigners from the state of Jammu & Kashmir. He said that it is unfortunate that the GM has not shown seriousness on the issue and that even though it held number of meetings but all of them turned out be inconclusive and without any output.

Prof. Virender expressed is doubts that some elements in the erstwhile political establishment and the state administration would have conspicuously assisted the illegal migrants to acquire ration cards, adhar cards and state subjects. He pointed out that the State Home Ministry has the data about the number of illegal migrants, areas where they have settled, their activities and about the financial and other type of assistance they are receiving from some of the NGOs and individuals. He said that with the informations available with the State Home Department and Police Department the GoM should have prepared the roadmap for the deportation of the illegal migrants from the state.

He also took National Panthers Party leader Harshdev Singh to task for raising fingers on the BJP-PDP government on the issue of illegally settled Rohingyas and Bangladeshi, where as it was before 2000 that Rohingyas and Bangladeshis started their infiltration into the terrority of Jammu province and settling in and around Jammu and Samba districts. He questioned the silence of Harshdev Singh on the issue, when his party was sharing power with PDP and he was Cabinet Minister in the state and his silence continued till 2016 when a PIL was filed by an advocate Mr. Hunar Gupta over the identification and deportation of illegal migrants Bangladeshis and Rohingyas from J&K. The present State government, itself fell concern about the illegal migrants and the Govt. of India asked the report from the State Government and directed it to take appropriate steps on the issue.

The BJP State Spokesperson asked the GoM to immediate formulate the strategy on the available information from State Home Department and State Police for their deportation. He added that people of Jammu region consider this as a part of conspiracy to change the demography of the region and also feel that these illegal migrants are potential security risk as they can become instrument in the hands of separatists and Pro-Pak elements to create disturbances in Jammu region. He added that there are strong inputs came in the media that the Rohingyas have formulated a militant organization by the name Hoozi Arakan headed by Abdul Qudus Burmi that has links with JeM and LeT those have been base in Pakistan.