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Omar must show patience, political maturity towards APD visit outcome: Balbir

APD has no magical wand for overnight decisions

In terming the visit of All Party Delegation of senior Parliamentarians to state as unfruitful and a futile exercise, National Conference Working President Omar Abdullah, has displayed impatience and political immaturity despite being seasoned politician and having served the state as Chief Minister. This was stated by BJP State Spokesperson Balbir Ram Rattan while commenting on Omar Abdullah’s remarks over the just concluded visit of Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh led high level delegation to Valley and Jammu.
The BJP Spokesperson said that by jumping into conclusions from his own perspective and what looks like a narrow vision, the former Chief Minister has only belittled his wisdom and way of comprehending the things for he knows it well that such exercises take some time before reaching at final decisions with regard to controlling sensitive situations like the present one.
“Moreover, the APD has not wasted any time in deliberating further what they gathered by meeting scores of delegations in Valley followed by Jammu”, the BJP leader said and added that such exercises cannot be conducted in a hurriedly manner as the Government as also the MPs from various parties have to take cognizance of all the sensitivities of all the three regions.
Furthermore, Balbir asserted that while a follow up meeting was held on Wednesday in New Delhi, there will be more deliberations and meetings, most likely the APD may take time to arrive at some fruitful conclusion and before suggesting some concrete measures for the larger objective of restoring peace and normalcy across the Valley. While the feedback of two regions, thrust being more on Kashmir Valley has already been taken by the APD, they are likely to visit Ladakh region shortly to hold meetings with delegations in the region. Omar Abdullah must note that APD has no magical wand nor can the things settle overnight, he must also recall the past unrests, may be any such during his tenure as Chief Minister, when it took some time to restore normalcy by the then governments, the BJP Spokesperson said adding that APD is quite serious in the initiative and exercise taken in hand to restore peace in the Valley. All that is required is some patience and maturity by the mainstream politicians like him rather than choosing to jump into baseless conclusions, just for the sake of remaining in limelight.