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Onkar Seth has ridiculed the assertion of Dr. Farooq Abdullah that raising of anti-national slogans would not divide the country

Onkar Seth, the Convenor of the Pardesh BJP Legal and Legislative Cell & Member National Council of Legal Cell has ridiculed the assertion of NC leader Dr. Farooq Abdullah that raising of anti-national slogans would not divide the country. He said that by saying so, Dr. Farooq Abdullah is trying to cover up his own wrongs of the past but the law of the land do not grant immunity for such activities. If such elements are allowed to go scot-free, things can take ugly turn and the messy situation created in Kashmir was the result of the like thinking of the NC leadership, who were guided by more controversial and erroneous feelings, rather than that of unity and integrity of India.
Seth alleged that Dr. Farooq Abdullah, by issuing such statements, is encouraging those who are indulging in unlawful activities with a design to have freedom for those playing the game of elements hostile to unity of the country but law of the land do not permit so. Hence, the law must prevail; he asserted and maintained that no country allows such like anti-national hooliganism.
Onkar Seth said that it has become a fashion in India to raise anti national slogans for the sake of publicity as the electronic media in particular runs after such episodes without caring for their responsibility towards the society and the nation, which demands that they must be positive in reporting and deliver justice to the fourth pillar of the democracy. Some news channels, for the sake of TRP, forget to differentiate between the good and the bad and highlight such elements and incidents which may prove to be dangerous for the peace and communal harmony in the country. He appealed the people not to get misled by such elements who have least regard for the nation and its interests but indulge in provocation, which should be opposed tooth and nail and all such elements need to be exposed and booked.