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Opposition running out of issues: Sh. Harinder Gupta

BJP State General Secretary Harinder Gupta took serious note of the ongoing misinformation campaign led out by opposition parties pointing out that, running out of issues, these so called leaders are trying to make hay out of running waters by making false allegations.
Harinder Gupta took categorical note of the statements by the opposition leaders who were Ministers in the previous Governments, in which the opposition leaders are alleging that the local issues of the common masses are being ignored by the present dispensation of BJP-PDP alliance government. He said that during the tenure of the previous governments, these so called leaders were busy in amassing their own wealth and building up their own bank balances. He alleged that they have given rise to a full fledged business of commissions in every sector including those of revenue, public works, CAPD and so on.
Harinder Gupta, said that, in the previous governments, majority of the works were being given to the blue eyed persons, who were close to the leaders, and that too without any due and regularized process of tendering through the proper channels. He said that due to the ill allotment of these works, still the departments have got huge liabilities in their heads, due to which present public welfare works by the present government are being hampered.
Gupta said that, when the present dispensation took over, government had to do laborious work for cleaning out the clogged system and streamlining the same so as to mitigate the sufferings of the masses. He claimed that the Congress, NC had the habit of looting all the resources of the State for their own personal benefits, but the present Central Government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is working on the good governance from the very first day of the government and similarly BJP as the alliance partner in the State Government is motivated to provide a public oriented administration to the common masses.
Gupta further said that the motto of the present government is to provide quality works, keeping in view the fact that the public is saved from the sufferings arisen out of the shortage of essential services. He added that the government is working on the long term policies, to provide a better future for the subjects of the State. He added that the people of the Nation are fully supporting the policies of the BJP, as they have understood that this is the only party which can give “Democracy for All” a true meaning, in letter and spirit.
BJP will never compromise on its core ideology and will do everything to advance the State on the path of progress and National Integration, he added.