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Opposition wasting crucial Parliament time, huge public money: BJP

Their conduct hindering formulating vital policies: Balbir
The role of the Opposition in a democracy is to censure and keep check on government’s functioning. Criticizing the government baselessly and drawing attention to their irrational and illogical arguments only hinders the formulating of crucial policies during the session. This was stated by BJP State Spokesperson  Balbir Ram Rattan, who contend that by stalling the proceedings of both the Houses of the Parliament, Congress and other parties of its ilk, stand exposed on the issue of demonetization.
These parties are making hue and cry on the issue of demonetization by alleging that the decision is against the interests of the common people, whereas the fact remains that the people in majority have appreciated the move.  Balbir further said that masses fully realize whatever drama is being enacted and ‘roles’ being played by opposition parties is nothing but a political stunt. It is nothing but wastage of the time of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, besides a heavy loss of public money, which is very unfortunate, he lamented.
Balbir reminded these parties that each minute of running Parliament during sessions costs the exchequer Rs. 2.5 lakh. This is public money, which is being wasted as no business is allowed due to the adamant attitude of the opposition. On one hand, the opposition parties are shedding tears on the name of common people, on the other they are wasting hard earned money of the common people by not allowing the Parliament to conduct its proceedings for days now.
Demonetization has been widely appreciated across the country by every such Indian who want the country to be corruption free with no place for black money and by opposing majority’s opinion, the opposition parties have displayed a posture of being against the wishes of the people. He said the seasoned politicians of opposition know it very well that important decisions are taken during Parliament session and its functioning requires a lot of public money. Opposition has a right to disagree but this dissent should be voiced during the slotted time instead of wasting whole day and proceedings.
He said even President of the country Pranab Mukherjee has expressed concern over conduct of the opposition in Parliament and observed that this amounts to holding the government, which is in majority, to hostage in a way.