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Pak succumbing under China on Gilgit-Baltistan: Prof. Virender

BJP State Spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta in a statement said that Pakistan’s attempt to declare Gilgit-Baltistan as its fifth province, violates the 1948 UNO resolution which accepted Pakistan as an aggressor and asked it to surrender the area of Jammu & Kashmir that it had forcibly occupied, to India for the final settlement of Jammu & Kashmir issue. He added that the entire state of J&K is an integral part of India and any unilateral decision on the area of J&K that acceded to India by the Instrument of Accession is also against the spirit of the Shimla Agreement.

The Spokesperson said that the present move to declare Gilgit and Baltistan as a province of Pakistan has been made under the pressure of China which is highly concerned about the security of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. He warned Pakistan that the way in which it is yielding to China pressure shall be dangerous for its identity and integrity. He further said that if Pakistan continues to pursue this policy towards China, it may, one day reduce itself as a colony of China. He also said that this policy in no way can harm India but it would prove as self defeating exercise on his part.

Prof. Virender Gupta also warned Pakistan against instigating Pan-Islamic movement and supporting terrorism in the valley and in India and said that it may boomerang on it and may itself become victim of ISIS aggression that may enhance the class war in its society and lead to its complete destruction.