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Pather-Baaz’ untrained teacher’s gift to nation

Stone throwing, once a fun, is a whole time engagement for some Kashmiri youth, thanks to over ten thousand untrained teachers whose gift these ‘pather-baaz’ are to nation marauding roads of valley- once the hottest attractive jaunt for foreign tourists.
Former I. G. Police S.S.Bijral, BJP state spokesperson questioned the state rulers of the times, chiefly National Conference and Congress who appointed untrained teachers with sheer disregard to their professional deficiency to deliver in schools. Pointing to youth who should be having school bag slung or note book in their hands , he said the youth on streets are spending time on streets indulging in aiming practice with stones targeted at security forces unmindful what they are playing with.
Pointing to ‘Pratham’ NGO working across urban and rural India to promote basic skills in reading and arithmetic, engaged by Department Of School Education in J&K, Bijral said its report presents a shocking picture of how education standards are being compromised in most govt. schools of Jammu and Kashmir. The report Bijral said makes startling revelation that only 29.7 percent of students in 8th standard are able to read simple words in their books while as 45.9 per cent students are able to read easy sentences.
Former IGP said when thousands of teachers are untrained to teach; trained teachers shirk moral responsibility to teach ( as school results show) for they know under Right To Education no student up to 5th class is to be detained; and product of such teachers manage schooling through exam manipulations ending up as social liability. He wondered how can society expect of such students to be career conscious and not ‘pather baaz’ the administration is having tough time dealing with their riotous intent and mind. Bijral said because of situation created by ‘pather baaz’ till date 63 precious young lives are lost,, thousands injured and normal life appearing illusive for last 57 days at a time when tourism industry, state main stay, bustles with peak activity.
Bijral in the larger interest of the youth of state and nation fervently appealed that these untrained employees of education department- not fit to be called teachers – be put under essential prescribed training to set right the serious wrong done in past.