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People expressed anger with torching effigies

Chand Jee Bhat President BJP J&K Kashmir Displaced District led a procession of Kashmiri displaced people from Prem Nath Dogra Bhawn Kachi Chawni Jammu. The procession was against the recent statement issued by Dr Farooq Abdulla in Kistawar about POK.

Chand Jee Bhat expressed surprise over the immature statement made by Dr Farooq Abdulla that POK is not ancestral property of India so leaders in New Delhi should leave claim on it. Bhat in his speech explained that before giving such irrelevant statement Dr Abdulla must have gone through the topography of Jammu and Kashmir before its accession with India.

Everybody knows during the regime of Mahraja Hari Singh POK was integral part of Jammu and Kashmir. So statement made by Dr. Abdulla is surprising as it was from the mouth of a person who has remained Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir and served in centre as Minister. Better he knows power of India and how Bangladesh came into existence. It seems his statement must have been for pleasing separatist in Kashmir Valley and searching out lost foothold. But he should understand these statements are nonfunctional and have since expired. He must keep in mind Centre is in right and strong hands now so such speeches would yield no fruit for him.

He further, knows India is powerful and can snatch POK from Pakistan at any time whenever, India desires. Bhat requested people of Jammu and Kashmir not to take statements of Dr. Farooq so serious because making people foolish with such statements were practice of Shake Mohmad Abdulla and Dr Farooq Abdulla since 1947.

Chand Jee Bhat advised Dr Farooq Abdullah to recall ancestral history and would understand Kashmiri Pandits can never be against India and would realize his fault of issuing such irresponsible statement. It was not hidden with him that real stakeholders of Kashmir were Kashmiri Pandits.

In concluding lines of speech Chand Jee Bhat suggested that other political parties should also criticize statement of Dr Abdulla so that he would refrain from such statements in future.

People who participated in the procession burnt effigies of      Dr Farooq Abdulla and gave went to their emotions.

Other speakers who spoke on the occasion were Vice President Sharda Nandan Bhat, Jawhar Lal Pandita , Ram Krishen Koul, Ravinder Razdan General Secretary P L Dhar, Bharat Bushan Gosami and Secretaries Master Chamn Lal Pandita, Chaman Lal, Avtar Krishen Sheer and Mandal Presidents of the organization.