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PM Modi’s dedication is incontestable: BJP

It is indeed very unfortunate that today even after 69 years of independence, the Congress party still has the mindset that for being leader in our country and for being pure nationalist, one should belong to royal families living in palaces only.

Reacting strongly to the statement of Kapil Sibbal, Senior leader of Congress, over electronic media that palaces are the criteria for anybody to prove his/her credentials to be true Indian and Nationalist, BJP State Spokesperson, Arun Kumar Gupta, said that BJP would like to know from Congress as to how many politicians from Congress left their palaces to serve the Nation and how many of them have built palaces after joining the politics. Congress is still having the mindset of the times of princes and princely states, which have ceased to be there, after India became Independent in 1947.     

For serving the nation in true sense, one has to first dedicate himself or herself for the sake of country and nothing can be more valuable than one’s dedication to work for the country above own self. “Since Congress has, for the years, not done anything for the country and would only look into their self elevation, they probably would not understand or appreciate that leaving a palace or other comforts are not required if you are born in India and are concerned for the nation” said, Arun Kumar Gupta.

Their kind of irresponsible and unparliamentarily statements against the Prime Minister of the country, who is totally dedicated for national cause, are uncalled for and do expose the basic mindset of any one whose agenda is only to criticizes.  Indians today have feeling that during all these years after Independence, non seriousness has created so many menaces in the system and country, the anti national elements and organizations have became more strong than the nationalists and economy is subservient to their dictation. All developed nations have been built themselves by pure dedicated leadership and that is how the systems, economy and love for the countries, have built. BJP today is working so hard, it should be appreciated rather than criticizing on irrelevant issues. said Arun Kumar Gupta.