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PM’s desire to change laws is need of hour: Balbir

Step will reduce pendency, delay in disposal of litigation cases

Appreciating what Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sought to change laws as a necessary corollary to achieve and jump start the progress of the country, BJP State Spokesperson Balbir Ram Rattan today said that PM has caught the bull by its horns in order to deal with the problems in a constitutional and democratic manner. BJP leader said that truly so, India cannot hope to jump start and achieve rapid progress in the 21st century with laws of colonial era of 19th century. The present setup of laws was drafted by British rulers to facilitate and enable them to rule the country without any hindrance and cannot serve the purpose of present day India, which is aspiring to become the super power in the 21st century.
Balbir further said that although our country achieved freedom from the British rule in 1947, which is matter of pride that we are enjoying fruits of democracy for the last 69 years but at the same time, we have not taken any initiative in getting freedom from the laws that which were framed by British from the perspective of their interests .These are in place and still in practice across the country, which is indeed a matter of concern. He added that we have to bring in radical changes in the laws so that they facilitate and usher in an environment, which is conducive for the rapid development of the country and of its citizen. In this context of the aim to achieve rapid progress of the country, we cannot expect our citizens to remain entangled in litigations for generations in the 21st century, the BJP spokesperson observed while substantiating the call of Prime Minister tie bring changes in the laws. There is a popular belief in India that instead of going to courts, we should settle our disputes outside them, which actually speaks of the mindset of the people who think that expecting justice under prevailing laws is a hectic, time consuming and frustrating exercise.
The BJP State Spokesperson said that it has been observed that from time to time there had been occasions when even the judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts have expressed their concern over piling up of cases resulting in pendency and delay in disposing of them, something which necessitates this step.