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“POK is Part of Indian Territory”

We cannot make J&K as Seria

Kashmir issue was made complicated by politicians and delay in signing instrument of accession further complicated the matter. The divergent and unmatchable culture, lifestyle, values, outlook, commitment and way of life in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh has contributed a lot to this issue.Infact it is settled fact that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India as Instrument of accession signed by Maharaja Hari Singh was same instrument, which was signed by other states.
Jammu and Kashmir is strategically important state and its boundaries are connected with Tibet and thereafter with china on one hand and with Pakistan occupied territory and Pakistan on the other side. High mountains and hilly terrain of Himalayan range remains important for other countries also. To some extent it remained point of focus and political issue for Pakistan ,India and China thus acquired attraction of international community . there are certain forces within and outside who talk of separate status , few are inclined towards Pakistan but the number is on decrease and can be counted on fingers. Religious sentiments of majority community in Pakistan could not attract the masses on this side, as the way of life and values are different because religious fundamentalism is less in Kashmir and appeal of total fundamentalism in Pakistan could not over power the sentiments of this region, especially Kashmir. And, few says in Kashmir that accession is there but merger have not taken place. Omar Abdullah also said so, when he was in Power. Powers of Constituent assembly were not challenged by any one and constituent assembly has endorsed the accession and there by merger. Hence the issue is raised only to justify political aspirations. The agenda of separatist is also contradictory and maximum do not have sincere and serious approach but they are continuing their agenda without having match with their lifestyle.
India is a country with democratic set up, while Pakistan have witnessed many interference by Army in Civil Administration and Governance of the State
Matter about J&K problem was referred by Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru to United Nations organization although Sardar Patel was in disagreement. But Congress tried to cover up this mistake during Shimla Agreement. It was agreed that the dispute will be settled by both the countries and no third party intervention is required.
This state was empowered by a separate constitution under the provision of Indian Constitution section 4 of the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir define Territory of the state says “Territories which on the fifteenth day of August 1947, were under the Sovereignty or Suzerainty of the Ruler of the State”.
Everybody, known that POK i.e. Pakistan Occupied Kashmir was part of the territory of state. Some use to say Pakistan administrative Kashmir, which is not correct. In fact it is Pakistan occupied Kashmir.
It is also admitted fact that relation exist on this side and other side of territory these are not only human relation but blood relation also. Hence people wants to see each other, meet each other and wants to share their feeling. In present Cabinet, one Minster was married to that part of territory and his father-in-law was supporter of Independence i.e. Amman-Ulla Khan. We may disagree with thought process but the fact remains that relation of territory and human being cannot be left at the will of Pakistan or International community.
In fact Parliament of India make the things more clear, when passed unanimous resolution saying that only dispute with Pakistan is to get back POK,1994 Resolution.
Section 47 of our State Constitution define composition of Legislative Assembly and says “The Legislative Assembly shall consist of [One hundred and Eleven] members chosen by direct Election from territorial constituencies in the state”.
To this section another section 48 is added which says [Twenty Four seats in the legislative assembly shall remain vacant and shall not be taken into account for reckoning the total membership of the assembly and Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir do not talk of 87 assembly seats but talk of 111 seats].
It means we have to wait for the time, when we will get back that part of our territory. Issue of displaced from POK is pending, with issue of other refugees. Both may have different back ground but humanity says, we have to settle both issues. Although centre Government has taken few steps on the request of state Government over these problems.
Our action and thought should be reflected in our way of working. Few those who talk of Pakistan are aware that all civil and other rights are curbed, curtailed and crushed in that part of our territory (POK). We have lost many lives in Kashmir due to wrong policies of separatist and successive governments failed to settle the issue and it is fact that healing touch is required.
Mufti Mohd. Sayeed was of the opinion that Jammu- Kashmir and Ladakh should come close to each other and this closeness will be in the larger interest of the nation.
We have fought Elections for Jammu and for Kashmir and there were only little deliberation over common issues . Jammu talk of discrimination and Kashmir use to talk about its own problems and issues including political empowerment. Ladakh talk of Union territory status.
There are 27% Kashmiri speaking and wants to rule the state of J&K.It is possible only when (Pot of terrorism) will remain boiling because democracy is the rule of majority.
I fail to understand why resolution on the presence of Chinese Army at Gilgit and Baltistan stand omitted by the Upper House. In fact when POK is part of our territory and it is not justified to say that it is a foreign affair which is factually incorrect.
BJP have not compromised the issues of Ideology and even PDP has not. It is working Government on development agenda.
But the fact remains that in case this Government continues for a longer period. People will start understanding the issues and sentiments of each religion and region. We have to stop competition, with each other and as Hindu being big brother cannot ignore the younger brother. We cannot make J&K as Syria, where Gun battle continue, forever. We have to live in peace and level of understanding with Pakistan and china is to be increased . But this cannot be a unilateral Act and both sides have to respond to it.
Democracy involves participation of people and J&K Government have to work on it. In fact Economic democracy is must. We have to build up infrastructure and we have to work day and night for our Independent Economic Structure.
We as a state cannot always depend upon centre aid or aid from World Bank and other sources. We have to create infrastructure and attain our Economic Independence. We have to create an atmosphere of peace and shun violence. Corruption prevailing in Police, society, and all other format of corruption are to be buried forever.
We as public have to pledge to work for others, we have to stop saying that our state is a disputed territory.Let’s start new chapter of progress.