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PoK only outstanding issue: BJP to NC

State BJP Spokesperson, Prof. Virender Gupta ridiculed the statement of NC Chief Spokesperson Aga Syed Rahullah Mehndi proposing that New Delhi and Islamabad should engage in talks to deescalate the situation of hostility and war mongering and embark on a comprehensive political process to resolve all outstanding issues. He questioned the intelligence of the NC Spokesperson asking for holding of negotiations between India and Pakistan at this juncture when Pakistan by its state policy of promoting terrorism has gone to such an extent that it compelled the Indian government to take some positive steps to counter Pakistan aggression manned by proxy.

He said that the role of NC through and through remained provocative and that of promoting terrorism in the valley. He added that NC leaders  never criticized the Pakistan for pushing terrorists from across the border into Indian territory and abetting and supporting the terrorism in the valley. The leaders of NC also joined the nefarious game plan of Pakistan and instead of appealing the people to restore peace in the valley, they instigated them in order to serve their political interests. The BJP Spokesperson said that for the present situation in the valley NC should have to blame itself and to some extent to its co-partner, Congress in the previous government.

Prof. Virender added that the Tweets of its President, Omar Abdullah, on regular basis projected the terrorists as heroes and supported the stone pelters. Omar neither asked the Pakistan to keep restrain and for not aggravating  the situation in the valley nor asked the separatists to abandon the path of violence.  

The present situation is the result of the proxy war initiated by Pakistan in Indian soil and the situation has reached to such an extent that there was no other alternative left for India to reply Pakistan in its own coin. The murder of 18 jawans with injuries caused to 22 soldiers has hurt the nation conscious and sentiments of all the sections of the countrymen that they expect the government of India to give befitting reply to the enemy.

He reminded the NC Spokesperson that Jammu and Kashmir is the internal matter of India and the country would not tolerate if any other country pokes its nose in its internal matter. Prof. Virender said that the only territorial issue between India and Pakistan is the area of Jammu and Kashmir illegally occupied by Pakistan and that it has to vacate to resolve the issue.