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“Politics was means to serve people for Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya”

Rashtriyta much more wider term than concept of nationality: Dr. Dattatreya Hosabale Seh Sarkarivah RSS
Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Seh Sarkarivah, Dr Dattatreya Hosabale  said that nationality and Rashtriyawad are two separate issues and India is not a country which has been created by a struggle but has come into existence due to historical evolution from centuries together and constant efforts of Rishis from times immemorial. The RSS leader who was the main speaker at former Jana Sangh president, Deendayal Upadayaya birth centenary lecture here at Jammu Conventional Centre this evening said Rashtra and nation are two separate issues and no nation can be created on the basis of, religion, region or language. He said as per Indian philosophy the meaning of Rashtriyta is much more wider than the concept of nationality or nation in the West. He said in the terms of UNO or Western philosophers a sovereign State can be called a nation and hence Deendayal Upadayay called UNO as United Nations State Organisation (UNSO). He said as religion and dharma are two separate issues and the religion can be part of dharma but dharma has far wider connotations than religion likewise Rastryawad and nationalism are two separate issues. He said in the same way culture and Sanskriti are also two separate issues. He said in Indian Rishtriyawad the Rishis did not struggle against any one or for attaining power but they made life long efforts for welfare of mankind irrespective of their way of worship. He said as per Indian philosophy there are three main pillars for formation of a Rashtra which include land, population and history. “People living on land of Bharat have unique principles and there is a lot of difference in the Western and our culture”, he added. He said how people can change three nationalities from 1947 to 1971 is a big question? The Rashtriyta is religion cultural concept while nationality gives political legal status to a person. Describing the entire Bharat a Rashtra from Himalayas to sea, he said from thousands of years people have followed this concept and this is the reason that Adi Guru Shankaracharya, who was born in Kerala travelled entire nation and even the first Prime Minster of India Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru started Tirath yatra to keep this concept of Indian Rashtriyta alive. “We believe in the sacredness of our rivers and worship them. This is a unique thing which can’t be found in any country” and we consider from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari is a one Rashtra, he added. The RSS leader said to enrich the concept of Rashtrawad the great saint Swami Ramanand said that “I am Bharat” and Bharat darshan is linked to out culture, he added. Earlier in his welcome address Dr Mahesh Chander Sharma the Research scholar and editor of the book released on Deendayal Upadayay said late Jan Sangh leader played a key role in Indian politics after independence. He gave a call for Akhand Bharat after the partition of India and took on those who were responsible for the division of the country. He said the freedom struggle gave Congress party to nation but after independence the Jan Sangh emerged as a single party from Himalayas to Kanya Kumari. He while paying glowing tributes to Deendayal Upadayay said that many leaders at that time had the desire to become president or Prime Minister of the country and Pt Ji was the only leader who took up the tough mission of uniting the nation from Himalayas to Kanya Kumari. He said Pt Deendayal Upadayay did not join politics for power but politics for him was a means to serve the people. Deputy Chief Minister, Dr Nirmal Singh was the chief guest on the occasion while Virender Jit Singh president Deendayal Upadayay Shodh Sansthan proposed the vote of thanks. The function was also attended by Atul Jain general secretary Shodh Sansthan.