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Prime Minister has given wonderful new year gift: Sethi

Address of  Prime Minister to the nation on 31st December has put the country firm on road of progress and promise of comfortable life for all. The promises made to Nation on development and ease of lending and borrowing will greatly help major segments of society. This was said in press release by Sunil Sethi, Chief Spokesperson of State Bharatiya Janata Party.

The reduction of rate of interest on housing in both urban and rural sectors will greatly help the people to realise their dream of having own house . With land prices also down after demonetization it will provide opportunities to homeless people which constitute large segments of society to finally have their own dream houses. This will also provide opportunities banking sector to utilize money deposited post 8/11.

Scheme for increased monetary help to expecting mothers and provide better health infrastructure will go long way in drastically reducing mother and child mortality rate particularly in rural India.  The enhanced interest rates on bank deposits to senior citizens will help in stabilizing the economical stability at advanced age and make life more comfortable for senior citizens .

Sunil Sethi further said that confidence Prime Minister Narendra Modi had kept on nation has been aptly honoured and nation has stood with him in Social Cleansing Yagna taking place at the moment for cleaning the pollution from social and political life , by offering Ahutis of their comfort for which New India will always remember contribution of this generation.  He said nation should be prepared for more positive benefits being given to public as reward for Honest Life the nation is choosing for itself.

Sunil Sethi noted that the pace with India is changing towards goodness and honesty will lead to eradication of all problems facing nation since independence and future definitely belongs to India which will regain it’s position of Vishav Guru