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Prime Minister of India working like Chandragupta Maurya

MLA from R.S.Pura Constituency has compared the P.M of India Narendra Modi to the one of the great emperors in the history of India Chandra Gupta Maurya, while inaugurating series of developmental works in R.S.Pura Constituency during the last couple of days, he said in a large public rally at Village Rathana ,while describing his period, he elaborated that only in the Mauryan period our country was in reality developed as one state in the history, and this was achieved with the knowledgeable, diplomatic and strategic advisors like “Chanakya the great”, he build a strong administration and developed people friendly policies. During his era he had conquered maximum area of Alexander the great. In the same way P.M Narendra Modi is uniting the whole country, during the rule of U.P.A-I & II, the country was drastically divided and many regions have been demanding a separate administration and their differences with the union of India was widened, which led a drastic downfall in the development and economy of the whole country. But as the P.M Narendra Modi came to power in New Delhi he foccused on reducing the gap between the Union of India and States, and in the same way as Chandra Gupta Maurya had Chanakya as his advisor, P.M Narender Modi has a team of dedicated Ministers at the centre who are working tirelessly day and night in making and working on people friendly policies, and mainly focusing on a common citizen, who was ignored for the last several years, it is a very good sign for the whole country and as the Chandragupta Maurya captured the area of Alexander the great in the same way P.M Narender Modi is touring and building good relations with the foreign countries. During this period of Narender Modi’s rule the foreign countries are attracted towards India and are keen to work and invest in India. Dr. Gagan Bhagat started Macadamization work at village Rathana, which was very long pending demand , he also inaugurated developmental work in ward No.9 Chohala Morh at the Vishvakarma Community Hall, Lane & Drain work at Village Dhindey Kalan for an estimated cost of Rs. 6 Lacs ,besides he also inaugurated Lane & Drain at Village Bhalesar. Dr. Gagan Bhagat also announced up gradation of Electric Sub- Station of 100 KVA to 250 KVA at Village Rattian , Salehar & Kothey and Creation of 100 KVA Electric Sub- Station at Ward No. 2 Village Rathana ,Dhindey Kalan, Indra Nagar, Gagian, Tutrey, Ward No.8 R.S Pura, Ward No.12 Shiv Nagar and Village Kirpind, the locals appreciated the development works started in R.S.Pura constituency and thanked Dr. Gagan Bhagat for it. Dr. Gagan also announced up gradation of the Gandhi Park at R.S.Pura. Prominent among those who were present including Tehsildar R.S.Pura ,XEN (PDD), AEE (PWD), B.D.O Miraqn Sahib, SHO Miran Sahib SHO Arnia ,BJP Mandal Pradhan R.S.Pura Natharam , BJP Mandal Pradhan Miran Sahib Devender Sharma ,Om Parkash, Ashok Salaria, Charanjeet ,Gurdeep Saini ,Ashwani Panch , Manohar Panch, Darshan Bamotra , Rajesh Kumar, Anil Kumar Sunil Kumar and others.