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Prof. Virender rebuffs Manpreet Badal

BJP State Spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta strongly condemned the statement of Punjab Finance Minister Manpreet Singh Badal made in the press conference in Jammu that unrest in Kashmir is outcome of fraud with mandate of Kashmiris and that Modi government has endangered national security and met various failures on foreign policy especially in dealing with Pakistan and our neighbours. He said that there was no fraud with mandate, because of the anti-people policies, indifference and insensitive to the people’s problems and existence of rampant corruption during the last coalition government of National Conference and Congress party, people of Jammu and Kashmir threw out NC and Congress from power and gave mandate to PDP and BJP to run the government and added that it was a people’s mandate and not a fraud. Prof. Virender said that Badal has failed to elaborate the causes of present unrest in the valley as it is very well known to him that it is Congress party which has sown the seeds of separatism in the valley and that perpetuated the unstability in Jammu and Kashmir State.

BJP State Spokesperson while contradicting Badal, said that present government at the Centre has focused on national security and foreign policy. The government is serious about the national security that is why number of cases challenging the national security have been unearthed and actions have been initiated against the anti-national elements.

As regards foreign policy, India has established itself in the global scenario and country’s relations with all the nations throughout the world have improved and the India’s honour and pride of Indians of being Indian have reached new heights. He added that it is result of the foreign policy of Modi government that Pakistan stands isolated not only in the SAARC countries but also internationally, counties including the gulf countries. “Our relations with Russia are still friendly as is obvious with the outcome of the visit of our Prime Minister to Russia where five agreements were signed”, Prof. Virender said.

Prof. Virender said that Congress leaders have made it as their routine to criticize PDP-BJP alliance government while turning blind eyes towards the development works being initiated in the J&K State Sanctioning of 6 New Medical Colleges, Sport complexes, AIIMS, IIT, IIM Institute of Mass Communication, construction and widening of National Highways, providing road connectivity to the villages, construction of new link roads, construction of hold House Latrines and Janta Toilets under Swachh Bharat Mission, Development of 5 cities of J&K under AMRUT, construction of houses for poor people under “Housing for All”, construction of ring roads for Jammu and Srinagar cities, establishment of a modern Jambo Zoological Park at Jagti, Herbal eco-park retrieving of about 40000 kanals of forest land from encroacher and distribution of free LED bulbs and also on substized rates etc. are some of the programmes and achievements of the present government.

The spokesperson said that the Pakistan as source of terrorism is being retaliated forcefully and the government is engaged in either to flush out the terrorists or to provide them a permanent peace. He told as per the statement of Union Home Minister, the solution to Kashmir problem would be achieved strongly and peace be restored in the valley.