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Rajesh gupta was the chief guest Indian style wrestling championship at Dewan Mandir

In 9th J & K state Indian style wrestling championship the chief guest is honourable MLA Sh. Rajesh gupta .The Indian style wrestling championship held at Dewan Mandir Akhara Kachi Chawani Jammu. The championship is organised by J & K State Indian style wrestling association.The president of the association Sh. Shiv Kumar Sharma jee welcomes the chief guest with flower bouquet and gave welcome address .The chairman of the association & President of the akhara Sh. Prem choudhary also present. The 84 no. of pahalwan participated in this championship from 4 different districts.
Bansi lal Tidyal Gen. sect of the association & Mulkh raj sharma is the Director competition NIS Wrestling coach. Mr. Rakesh khajuria all India gen sect. of indian free style wrestling association & Mr. Bodh raj pahalwan national champion also present.
on this occassion MLA Rajesh Gupta said indian style wrestling is in our culture & in tradition. and he also said sports activities always are on my priority. because its the sports from which youth away from drugs .He appeal the youths to stay away from these type of practices.and also announce the funds from his CDF for the developement of dewan mandir akhara.
Prominents: Sunny sehgal, Subash anand, Balkrishan, Ramesh sharma and Darshan singh.