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Ramesh Arora starts the work of lane and drain

Various development projects were initiated by Ramesh Arora with the use of CDF and with the assistance of Municipal authorities. It includes construction of lanes and drains, Retaining wall at Ambphalla, Construction of chowk at Ambphalla and using geo-membrane and geo-textile technology and Gabbien technology for maintenance and reconstruction of Ponds as per guidelines of Government of India.

Tile work was got started in the lane leading to the house of Tej Krishan at Karan Nagar and inauguration was done by Ramesh Arora MLC in presence of locals Tej krishan, Ex-MLA Bharat Gandhi, Dinesh Gupta, Ashok Gupta, Kasturi Lal, Prithpal Singh and many others. The municipal officials including X-en Parmod Sharma AEE Saraf and JE S.K.Bhat were also present along with locals.

While addressing the gathering arora said that we are heading towards smart city and we require more involvement of public and departments. He appreciated the speed which was picked up by Municipal authorities.

A meeting was held at the residence of Ramesh Arora MLC and Municipal officials along with Health Officer and Mr. arora express concern that Municipal authorities must see to it that all those who deal in manufacturing/preparation of eating material must get registered with municipality and for this purpose municipal corporation must issue a notification for information of all. As few business of eating items are found not up to mark.

There was confusion about the powers vested with municipal authorities and Drug Control authorities regarding granting of permission and checking. He assured the municipal authorities that he will take up the matter with Commissioner Secretary and Concerned minister. Various garbage dubbing points including Rani Talab, Panjthirthi, karan Nagar, Circular road, janipur, new plot and sarwal were also discussed including the present status and working and mode to improve the same.’

Matter of few illegal constructions was discussed with Joint Commissioner Municipality who assured all possible measures will be taken as per authority of law.

Mr. Arora also discussed the working condition of Safai- Karamchari and directed the concern to take all possible steps to improve their working which includes collection of waste material from door to door and maintenance of roads and lanes and drains.