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Ramesh Arora Visited Jammu District Jail

Ramesh Arora MLC visited Jammu District Jail Ambphalla Jammu to take stock of the situation. He met with different under trials and convicts. It was a visit to assess the reforms needed in living conditions.
After visit and meeting different persons inside Jail Ramesh Arora said that he will submit his opinion/ report to appropriate authorities. But by and large appropriates steps are being taken by the jail authorities as per jail manual to provide maximum they can. But still these are areas where reforms are required.
Psychological treatment and consultation is needed, yoga classes can improve living conditions and regular yoga classes are required. 15th August is needed to be celebrated by involving all. An atmosphere can be created where from their mind set can be changed and after coming back in normal life they can lead a normal life. Arora said society should also accept the persons, who are changed and wanted to join mainstream of civilized life.
Now the world is changing and civil society is changing and civil society has a role to play. We cannot leave everything on administration. Arora said appropriate suggestion about changes in jail manual will be made and the amendments will be brought.
He appreciated the administration of jail for discharging their duties with best of ability and dedication. He also suggested superintendent central jail for celebrating 15th August at large scale and for recommending govt. the names whose behavior was very good and require special consideration through official channel to the govt. for considering early release. Arora said that already few names are recommended by authorities, require consideration and said that DG Persian will be apprised about this.
Arora also met with the doctor incharge and other team inquired about the common physical problems and the treatments facilities available in the complex.
Different projects including hand weaving, library and others were also seen and said that proper outlet is required for the material manufactured by under trail/ convicts and others. Arora assured that he will take matter of regular yoga teacher appointment in each jail because depression grows with long terms of confinement more medical facilities are required to be added in existing facilities. He also appreciated the steps taken by the jail authorities in providing different facilities and taking due care as per authorization.