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Recommendation  of Yashwant Sinha are superficial: Prof. Virender

State BJP Spokesperson, Prof. Virender Gupta while commenting on the findings and recommendations of a high level civil society delegation led by former External Affairs Minister, Yashwant Sinha said that the delegation has not gone into the root cause of the present turmoil in the Valley and of the situation that persisted in the Valley after the accession of J&K state with India. He said that the delegation has made superficial analysis of the situation and its recommendations of having multi-dimensional dialogue with all the stake holders including both the factions of Hurriyat Conference and asking the security forces to demonstrate more human attitude with public are not new ones and these are in line with the suggestions of those who either themselves are separatists or those who directly or covertly are supporting these elements to achieve political mileage. He expressed his anguish on the fact that the delegation did not care to ascertain the opinions of the people of Jammu and Ladakh regions and those of Kashmir Valley who are peace  loving and are against the separatists/terrorists elements. He added that holding negotiations with the elements who support the terrorism to achieve Azadi or want to merge Kashmir Valley with Pakistan would be a fruitless exercise.

Prof. Virender Gupta narrated that there have always been some elements in the Valley who want to delink Jammu and Kashmir from India and putting all efforts at the behest of Pakistan to make J&K its part. These elements could not succeed in their efforts and the situation in the Valley more or less remained peaceful till 1982. During the period of Bakshi Ghulam Mohd., G.M. Sadiq and Mir Quasim helm of the affairs of the state, number of provisions of Indian Constitution were extended to Jammu and Kashmir state and no voice of opposition was raised against these extensions. The disturbances started and anti-India elements became more aggressive when Farooq Abdullah took the rein of the state.

The present turmoil in the Valley is the consequence of the emergence of extreme Islamic fundamentalism throughout the world which emerged from Jehadi movement which is influenced by Wahbi/Salafi groups in particular in the gulf countries. The planning for the present disturbance in the Valley started about a decade back with increase of five fold in Mosques  and Madras  with the membership Jamait Ahel Hadith raising from 2000-3000 to 1,500000. The present upsurge is neither the first nor the last round. The country should keep itself ready with short term and long term strategies to meet the grave challenges ahead to its integrity and sovereignty. It is not only India but the countries like Afghanistan and Bangla Desh are facing the challenges of Islamic fundamental forces supported by ISIS, ISI and Pakistan. The need of the hour is to form a joint font against this Islamic onslaught. There is no role of any soft policy towards the separatists and terrorists.