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Saints are the messengers of religious awakening, national integration: Dr.Gagan

A Saptah ( Seven days religious program ) was organized at Miran Sahib by Saint Pankaj Shashtri ji Maharaj, in which large number of devotees from all sects of the society participated in a week long religious and social awakening program organized by the Miran Sahib Yuva Samiti. While addressing a mammoth gathering of devotees Saint Pankaj Shashtri said that in todays time when the society has completely lost the moral values and the in this era of so called modernization , westernization of our society and upcoming generation is a great cause of concern.He thanked the Miran Sahib Youth Committee for organizing the program and he also praised M.L.A R.S Pura Dr.Gagan Bhagat for his cooperation and support to such type of religious functions in R.S Pura. Later on Dr.Gagan Bhagat was felicitated by Saint Pankaj Shashtri for his contribution in promoting the religion, organizing such programs in R.S Pura and performing developmental activities in his area.While speaking on the occasion Dr.Gagan Bhagat said that he is thankful for the blessings of the great saint and due to these saints our country had been known as Vishwa Guru, and now it’s the duty of every citizen to help and contribute towards the nation building and support P.M Narender Modi. A kalash yatra was taken out from Broza factory passing through Miran Sahib Main bazaar and ended at the ancient Radha Krishan Mandir at Miran Sahib.On the occasion the Mandir Committee also demanded the renovation of Community hall near the Radha Krishan Mandir and presented a memorandum to Dr. Gagan Bhagat who assured them that the said work will be started within a fortnight, and assured his full cooperation for the saocial and religious cause, he also addressed a meeting of party workers in the Ban Sultaan area.Prominent among those who were present on the occasion included Mandal Pradhan Devendra Sharma, Dr. Vinod Sharma,Dr.Arti Sharma , Members of the Yuva Samiti, Kundan Sharma,Number daar Vichtar Narayan, Ramesh Kumar,Ashok Choudhary, Kuldeep Sharma, SHO Miran Sahib and others.