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Sat Sharma conducts extensive tour of Ward No. 35

BJP State President & MLA Jammu West conducted a whirlwind tour of Ward No. 35 in Janipur area of his constituency to take stock of the problems being faced by the residents of the area along with various Departmental officials and local BJP leaders.

Sat Sharma, accompanied by the officials took complete stock of the situation arisen during the water scarcity, electricity crisis and other problems being faced by the locals in the harsh warm and humid weather in the area. He toured the area and interacted with the locals to have firsthand knowledge of the ground condition.

Sat Sharma, while addressing the gathering after the tour, said that every measure will be taken for the provision of uninterrupted essential commodity to the general public. He said that the happiness and satisfaction of the public is his top priority and he will leave no stone unturned for the same. He admitted that still lots of works need to be done, but assured the common masses that soon the constituency will march forward on the path of model constituency. He also assured the locals that all of their problems will be mitigated in short span of time.

Sat Sharma immediately instructed the authorities to make the provision for regular minimum one hour water supply in the area.

Sat Sharma also appealed to the public to make judicious use of the essential commodity, so that its supply could reach to every last house of the locality. He said, even Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called for saving the “Jan Dhan” and suggested to spend it like money, so as to conserve potable water for our future generations. He also made a reference to the depleting water table in the region and said that, a social reform is needed to preserve the mother nature’s precious gift.

He also instructed the authorities to initiate the proper sewerage system and take the essential steps needed for the same.

ExEn PHE Himesh Manchanda with team, Ex En JMC Parbodh Sharma with team, ExEn UEED Rajan Sharma with team, ExEn ERA-PHE Manish Bhatt with team, JE ERA-Sewarage, Ajay Dutta, Ravi Salgotra, Health Officer Dr. Anita Salgotra, Vikas Mengi, Yashpaunt Monto, Vijay Sharma, Subhash Sharma, Ravish Mengi, Ashish Sharma, Ramji Pandit and others also accompanied the MLA during the tour.