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Sat Sharma raises concern over large number of unemployed youth in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh region

Raising one of the utmost important issues of Jammu and Kashmir, State President BJP and MLA Jammu West Sat Sharma (CA) raised necessary points and showed his grave concern for the number of unemployed youth in all three regions of the State. Sharma raised this question during the Assembly session when starred questions were being answered by the concerned ministers of various departments.

In a question, Sharma asked the concerned Minister Incharge Labour and employment to separately state District Wise figures of unemployed Doctors, Engineers, Diploma Holders, Post Graduates, Graduates and others as on year 2014 end and at present date.

The Minister stated that during year end 2014, the total number of unemployed persons registered with the department of employment in Jammu region were 75829 and up to date the figures goes down to 45781 while in Kashmir and Ladakh region the number was 222180 which has slipped down to 104577 in today’s date.

Sat Sharma stated that the registered number is less as compared to the actual figure in the State and asked the Minister to gravely look into the problem of unemployment in all three regions and stressed upon providing more jobs in all three regions, especially Jammu Province where the rate of unemployed youth is increasing rapidly as compared to the other regions.

He also asked the concerned Minister about the steps being taken to overcome the problem of unemployment especially amongst the highly educated youth in the State. The Minister stated about schemes of self employment through RSETIS and JKEDI and also said that fast recruitment policy has been adopted for all Government departments, vide SRO-202 of 2015.