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Sat Sharma takes up cleanliness drive at Ward 17, vows to promote it across every area of Jammu West

With a vision to promote cleanliness in all spheres of Jammu West and setting up an example for all other areas as well, State President BJP and MLA Sat Sharma (CA) visited Pacca Talab area of Ward 17 and started cleanliness drive at local park in the area. Accompanied by a large number of people including officials of Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC), Sharma started the drive in the presence of many local residents and political activists of the area.

Speaking on the occasion, Sat Sharma said that the main motto of conducting the cleanliness drive in the area is to create awareness amongst the masses so that the mission which is directly taken up by Prime Minister Narendra Modi can be speeded to every nook and corner of not only the Constituency but the whole State so that every person of our State could contribute in the noble cause and help in promoting cleanliness everywhere.

He stated that cleanliness is a major issue in today’s world and many areas of the world which are under the scope of dangerous diseases is because of the reason that cleanliness does not prevail in those areas. He appealed to the masses to openly come forward and help concerned Government departments in promoting cleanliness everywhere as public are considered to be eyes and ears of their representatives.

He also stated that such types of cleanliness drives will be held in all areas and all wards of Jammu West so that a message could be sent across the State & Nation and with the help of the masses in this major movement we can also set up an example for other Constituencies of Jammu and Kashmir as well which will also help Jammu West in blooming as a Model Constituency in future.