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Sh. Baldev Singh Baloria patted police back on capture of 75 Crores heroine

Jammu District president BJP, Baldev Singh Baloria, a day before, 15.3 kg of heroin caught by the police from Gandhi Nagar area, which was valued at around Rs 75 Crores, along with a cash of Rs 24 Lakhs and a car, etc. Police Department patted on arrest talking to the reporters, Baloria said that the action taken by the police in the process of drug addiction is commendable, but it is making it clear that efforts are being made to make Jammu into the addiction like Punjab. Baloria said that the drug smuggler has joined JAMMU in an attempt to make Udta Jammu, which is a matter of serious concern. He said that the recovery of such a huge amount of narcotics, cash etc., is pointing to the fact that there is a large number of intoxicants in Jammu who are serving this poison to the younger generation. The police have arrested four people in this case, but the police will have to know that these four people are not only drug addicts but the big fish who are involved in doing the drug business is required to reach them. For this, the police will have to work harder and cautiously. Police should set up special teams for it to prevent Udta Jammu from becoming Udta Punjab to form Jammu. He said that the role of the police in which the action has taken place in the present time has been very commendable, but this recovery has snatched the parents of the youth of Jammu and now the police have a duty that a village in Jammu cannot survive intoxicants. So that parents can sleep for peacefully. He said that BJP has already passed the resolution in BJP District Working Committee meeting and the BJP has always opposed the intoxication and soon the district BJP team together with the police to make youth aware about drug addiction Campaign will run. In this, with awareness of drug addicts in the youth, efforts will be made to improve the children who are addicted to drugs and also to try to detect the drug smugglers through them. He said that BJP will give full support to the police in every