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Sh. Sat Sharma starts waste management scheme at Bhawani nagar, Janipur.

With a view of promoting Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, BJP State President and MLA Sh. Sat Sharma (CA) inaugurated organic and inorganic waste treatment scheme at Bhawani Nagar, Janipur which will be done under the supervision of Faith Charitable Trust. Earlier the scheme was launched in Lakkar Mandi and Indra Vihar areas and now it has been extended to Bhawani Nagar. Floowing this success soon all areas of Jammu West constituency will be covered in this scheme for a cleaner and greener Jammu. Sat Sharma was accompanied by local residents, officials and local leaders.

In a press statement issued, Sh. Sharma said that it is the duty of every human being to keep their surroundings clean and with that motto, this trust has launched such a project. Sharma said that this program will be initiate in other wards soon. He said that dustbins have already been distributed to households so that they can segregate the organic and inorganic waste. He urged the local residents to participate in this inititative and make Jammu clean.

Praduman Singh, Vijay Sharma, Mantoo, Purshottam Khajuria, Subash Sharma, JD Singh, Pankaj Sawhney, Sahil Gupta, Atul Bakshi and many others were present on the occasion.