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Sh. Sunil Sethi said in a press release that hair chopping is being used as excuse to incite people to protest violently.

State Bharatiya Janata Party has taken strong exception to efforts being made to create unrest in Kashmir Valley under guise of protest against alleged incidents braid chopping. This is new tool of Separatists and anti national to vitiate peace in Valley.

Sunil Sethi Chief Spokesperson of State Unit of Bharatiya Janata Party said in a press release that hair chopping is being used as excuse to incite people to protest violently. Recent incidents in which innocents tourists were targeted and subject to violence for suspicion of culprits has done lot of damage to tourist influx.

Incident of braid chopping which started in Rajastan in June this year and were reported in some other parts including Jammu has been seen as opportunity by Anti Social Separatists to spread hatred against Govt and Govt agencies involved in maintaining peace. Truth or otherwise of incidents can only be verified after investigation but atmosphere is being created deliberately to make it difficult for investigation to take place. It is known fact that many accusations against security forces and agencies in the past have been found to be motivated and false.

Sunil Sethi further noted that investigators are required to investigate both sides of story. About truthfulness of allegations and bringing culprits to justice and also About false accusations with motive to disrupt peace. He asked to hold investigation on both angles under supervision of high court judge to emphasis impartiality.

Chief Spokesperson further said that peace which has been restored in valley after converted efforts of Security forces in eliminating large number of militants and of NIA in blocking the funding of terror in valley as also of huge impact of Demonetization, can’t be allowed to be wasted. He said interest of Nation is paramount and there can be no compromise on that and persons involved in inciting public should be brought to book. He further said that none except mischief mongers stands to gain from such incidents.